Our Feathered Friends

Having a budgie as a pet is how it begins for most of us! We fall in love with the charm and character of that budgie and then before we know it we have a dozen or more.

We hope to provide you with as much information as we can to help you keep your budgie friends happy and healthy. 

Newly hatched budgie chick and 4 unhatched eggs

One of the joys of keeping budgies is breeding them. That excitement and anticipation that comes from seeing the varieties (mutations) that produced by different pairings. Based on my own experiences budgies can be temperamental when it comes to pairing, here is my best advice on how to encourage your budgies to breed. When putting…

As a budgie breeder, hobbyist or professional nothing is more exciting than when a new batch of chicks has hatched. If it is the first time you have successfully hatched chicks congratulations! The question now is when do budgie chicks leave the nest. For the first few weeks of a budgie chicks life, they are…


Budgies are nomadic moving from place to place during the dry season in search of new foodstuffs and water, they can cover many kilometres in one day. In the wild, the trigger for our feathered budgie friends to breed is normally the rains coming. The rains coming means that budgies have access to water and…

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Why Budgies Make Awesome Pets for Stress Relief?

Budgies are wonderful pets for those who suffer from stress. They can provide you with a safe and secure environment to unwind, and release your anxiety. They are highly intelligent, as well as being very playful and friendly

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About Budgies

Budgie keeping is one of the most rewarding and fun hobbies. And we are passionate about sharing knowledge in a simple, easy to understand way everyone can have happy, healthy budgies.

violet budgie on breeders finger
lots of budgies in an indoor flight cage

Budgies are the best birds...